Friday, June 11, 2010

Twitter Presentations

Be First Inc.

Strategic, common sense marketing, that will strengthen your business – today!

Our Twitter Accounts reach has a lot of depth, we operate 11 Accounts with 185,000 plus followers and are on over 2,000 lists. Our tweets get a lot of retweets and we have good success when asking our audience to retweet something important, like your message.

We will post your messages 5 days a week, 4 times a day for a Month. We charge $149.00 per month for this service. That puts your message out there 220 times a week, 880 times a month plus the retweets. We will also help you write some of the tweets, so we get your message across to the audience.

We have found that it takes, like most marketing and advertising campaigns, commitment and due-diligence - initial results in improved ranking start almost immediately. (30 days or less) However, it usually takes approximately 2-6 months to see the full effect. It will transform your brand and website into "salespeople who never sleep".

We're excited to get started for you! Your secure payment will be processed immediately and you'll recieve a confirmation email for your payment, then we'll send you an email confirming your custom Social Media Marketing Service has started.

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